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RareVR is a 360° virtual reality technology company managing all aspects of content through our proprietary VR video player.

Since inception, RareVR has been working with brands, agencies and publishers to create a commercially accessible alternative to forced native app adoption by creating and leveraging a proprietary mobile-web player for widespread content syndication.

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Our Services

The World is Round, So Should Be Your Content

Our Ad Unit Portfolio

RareVR Offers a Broad Range of 360° Possibilities

  • Branded
  • 360 Video /
    In-banner VR
  • Inline
  • Live
  • Custom
  • &
    Native App

Branded content

We provide a full suite of strategy, physical production and post-production services. RareVR knows that when brands are well connected to their customers, they enjoy increased value, greater loyalty and improved acquisition.

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360 Video / In-banner VR

The RareVR proprietary mobile-web player is optimized for display in traditional 300x250 IAB mobile ad units but can conform to other standard placements as necessary.

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Inline Placement

The RareVR player can also be embedded and customized to the editorial specifications of publishers for the display of 360° / Virtual Reality narrative content. Optimized for the mobile experience, but equally enjoyable on desktop.

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Live Streaming

RareVR has developed the unique ability to live-stream 360° video / Virtual Reality content enabling extremely immersive 'live' virtual reality experiences.

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Custom VPAID Compliant

The RareVR player can be seamlessly served via VPAID tag from virtually any ad serving platform making the player experience extremely dynamic and easy to deploy and track analytics.

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Native App Integration

The RareVR player can be customized to live with native iOS and Android application experiences. The API determines the process for loading and playing videos (and playlists) & controlling the VR video playback experience. Additionally, you can register event listeners to get callbacks for specific events, such as the player loading.

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Pricing table

Plans to suit your needs

Our pricing model is flexible yet typically includes an Enterprise Fee as well as a player CPM, based upon usage tiers we agree upon with our partners. Since every use-case is slightly different, we prefer to provide custom pricing options once we have worked with partners to better understand their needs.

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